Why The Little Green Energy Company?

Here at TLGEC Channel Islands we like to do things a little differently than most other solar companies. We take time to understand you and your home or business.  Everyone we have worked for has given us positive comments and we know them as people not numbers.

Highly Competitive Prices

With a longstanding position in the market we are able to source quality materials at very competitive prices. This combined with low overhead costs, results in excellent value systems for our customers.

Expert Technical Knowledge

Simon Dudson BEng(Hons), our MD, has been in the solar energy industry for several years, long before it was commercially viable in the UK. He has helped contribute to what it has become today by providing consultancy and technical training across the industry. All our staff are trained to the highest standards to maintain our outstanding reputation.

Bespoke Service

We provide full shading analysis along with our design, and an explanation of the potential output & payback of the system. We use our wealth of knowledge and the most advanced design software available.

A Higher Return On Investment

We always use quality components and the most efficient solar panels on the market. The type of panels & inverter will greatly affect the efficiency of a PV system. We use independent comparisons and analysis to make sure you get the most of your investment.

We provide a personal service with one point of contact throughout the installation

We guarantee to install the best solar system for your money. If solar PV is not a viable option we will tell you.

See What Our Customers Say

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