Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source heat pumps (ASHPs) take energy from outside, and transform it into heat which can be used to heat your home. This can reduce the cost of heating by an average of 50%, when compared to traditional heating systems.  They work efficiently even when the air temperature outside is as low as -15oC.

A typical system will produce 3-4 units of heat compared to the 1 unit used by the system for electricity, so it's an extremely effective way of heating a home, property or commercial building.  They work extremely well with a solar PV system getting the electricity required directly form the solar panels.

How it Works


ASHPs work on the same principle as a fridge but in reverse.  The main parts are an evaporator, compressor and condenser.  The unit is fitted outside the house and absorbs heat from the surrounding air.  The heat pump compressor then increases the temperature even further to create a heat sufficient enough to feed it into your existing heating system, therefore heating the house.

The heat produced will be less than a convential boiler so the size of the radiators may need to be increased.  Underfloor heating also works very well with ASHPs.

Using an ASHP to heat a swimming pool is also very economical.


Things that need to be considered when installing an air source heat pump are;


Simply contact TLGEC to arrange a free, no-obligation site survey, and we will be able to tell you whether Air Source is going to be a viable option for your property, and if not, discuss alternative renewable energy options.