Eco-Eye Smart PV

The Eco-Eye is a low cost complete monitoring system for your sollar PV installation.  We feel this is a must-have gadget for any PV system and will therefore be including them in all of our new installations.

This simple to install monitoring system displays real time information on:

  • The power you are using
  • The power you are generating, and the
  • Net power (difference between usage and generation)

Using an on-board traffic light system, you instantly know how your electricity generation is being used.  With on screen graphical displays you have a constant visual reminder of how much energy you are consuming.

Also included is a USB cable and memory card which stores the data and can be then be analysed on your PC.

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Not only for solar PV generation the Eco-Eye will also let you see where the energy is being used at home, allowing you to take control of your usage and see where extra savings can be made.
We are now installing the Eco-Eye with our Solar PV systems but it is also very easy to retrofit after your system is installed.  Whether we fitted your PV system or not, give us a call for prices.