Ground Mounted Panels

A low-lying and unobtrusive alternative to roof mounted solar panels would be our Ground Mounted option. Whether you have acres of land or an area of garden available, ground mounted solar panel systems are a great way to make maximum use of available space. They are also another option for those that don’t want to affect the aesthetics of their property with a roof mounted system.

The solar panels are mounted at a perfect 30 degree tilt, which is optimum position for making the most of the annual solar irradiation. By positioning the panels south facing, and locating them in areas that have little or no shading, TLGEC can ensure you the maximum level of electricity is generated. 

Every installation is designed in a bespoke way, and tailored to make the optimum use of the ground space you have available.  A number of solutions are availabe for mounting onto soil or cement, and these heavy duty modules are designed to withstand strong winds and exposure to the elements. The same panels are used as those mounted on the roof, and are easy to maintain requiring very little upkeep.

For more information on how you can make maximum use of your land with ground mounted solar power panels, simply contact TLGEC for a free, no obligation site survey.