immerSUN Unit

TLGEC are Approved Installers of the new immerSUN Unit.  The immerSUN is a cost effective way of using the surplus energy generated by your PV system, diverting the excess energy to heat your hot water.

Use your free electricity when you are out  -  the immerSUN directs any excess electricity not being used in the home to the immersion heater
Increase your return on investment  -  by pre heating your water we estimate a payback of 3-5 years
Use your FREE energy from PV and still get paid  -  use any excess electricity generated by your solar panels and still get 50% export
Reduce your energy bills  -  by using your free electricity you will make substantial savings on your heating bills

How it Works


The immerSUN monitors the generation of your solar PV system and detects when you are generating more electricity than you are using.  It then diverts the surplus energy to the immersion heater which heats the hot water in the cylinder.

If there is a drop in generation, or the load in the house is increased eg. appliances turned on; the immerSUN will regulate the amount of energy sent to heat the water to help give you independance from the grid.

Click here to download the brochure.

We are now installing the immerSUN with our Solar PV systems but it is also very easy to retrofit after your system is installed.  Whether we fitted your PV system or not, give us a call for prices.  

Click below for more information on the immerSUN website.