Solar PV For Farms and Agriculture

Many farmers are naturally choosing to install Solar PV to combat growing electricity prices. With high energy usage associated with the farming industry, solar PV is the ideal solution for future-proofing your business without affecting practical day-to-day procedures. 

Our specialist team at TLGEC are experienced in the installation of PV solar panels on farms, and have experience in both roof and ground mounted systems.  

Solar PV can offer a considerable annual saving on your electricity bills whilst protecting your business against ever increasing rising costs.  Solar panels give you the ability to produce your own electricity during daylight hours, which is when demand is often at its highest, and also make the most of barns or areas of land that are hard to farm; also increasing their value.

Simply contact TLGEC to arrange a free, no-obligation site survey, and we will show you how you can improve your green credentials and make a positive statement as a supplier, by significantly reducing your CO2 emissions.