Our Solar PV Products

At TLGEC we take pride in the quality of equipment we install.  Although not tied to any one supplier or manufacturer our technical team have researched the best quality and value for money components currently available.  We look to design you a system that not only performs to the best of its ability but has warranties you can trust, giving you peace of mind for the lifetime of your system.  We can offer both the traditional on-roof installation and also install in-roof systems, and have access to a selection of solar tile/slates for the new build market.

Solar Panels

Many brands of solar panel are now available.  From our experience in the UK we have found that care should be taken when choosing a panel, as there can be considerable differences into what each one can offer and how they perform.  Not just on output but also on the build quality and warranties available.  If you have a panel manufacturer in mind please let us know and we can offer advise on what is best for you.  We can source any panels on the market and can also show you comparisons between the brands.  Every project is different and with our in-house experienced designer we will ensure you get a system that is right for you. Our technical team has tried to simplify the choices and picked 3 panels out that we would recommend.  These are as follows:

Please note that all our panels on offer have 'Salt Mist' Guarentees -  Very Important for installations in the Channel Islands.


PREMIUM RANGE - Panasonic 250W (Formally Sanyo)

Using HIT technology Panasonic modules are the most efficient panel in the market and produce more power per square meter than any other panel.  Therefore, if space on the roof is limited these modules are ideal, giving a higher performance for achieving a larger kWp output.  With their black frame and sleek design they are also one of the best looking panels on the market.  Salt Mist and Ammonia tested these solar panels also offer excellent warranties from a name you can trust.

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BRANDED RANGE - SolarWorld Sunmodule+ 250W

Solarworld is a brand that can be relyed on.  With 30 years experience in Germany, their solar modules are one of the best on the market.  Their Sunmodule Plus range is produced to the highest standard using premium materials, and all come with an excellent 25 year linear performance guarentee.  Available in silver as standard and as an option in black.  Also an excellent choice as an in-roof option using their SunDeck range.  Salt Mist and Ammonia tested.

TLGEC were proud to be one of the UKs first SolarWorld Certified Installers.

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BUDGET RANGE - ET Solar / ZNShine 250W

We have offered 2 panels in the budget range which offer a low cost option to consumers, whilst still giving good performance and efficiency.  Although on the lower price range these panels still offer 25 year warranties on all solar panels and are also available in black as an option.  A great choice for those on a budget.

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