Voltage Optimisation

After being widely available to commercial buildings for some time, Voltage Optimisationand is now being introduced to the home.  It works by reducing the incoming voltage supplied to the premises, therefore reducing your energy consumption without you noticing any change.

On average the electricity supply is delivered into our property at around 242V, but in certain areas can be as high as 253V.  The higher the voltage the more you pay for the electric you use. The majority of your electrical equipment and lighting is designed to work at 220V, therfore, by reducing the voltage at source it not only saves you money on your electricity bill but will also reduce wear on appliances and lighting.

Benefits of VO4Home

We are now installing the VO4Home with our Solar PV systems but it is also very easy to retrofit after your system is installed.  Whether we fitted your PV system or not, give us a call for prices.