Homeowners & Domestic Services

Homeowners are now beginning to understand not only the financial rewards, but also the environmental benefits of integrating renewable energy technologies into their homes. It is important to help build a better world and look after our environment.

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Commercial Services

Building demands are becoming increasingly high, and the pressure to balance out the ‘energy model’ for commercial buildings is forcing owners to look at ways to decrease their energy consumption, and reduce their carbon footprint. A TLGEC Solar PV system is a hassle free, low maintenance solution to future-proof against rising energy costs, supported by the government incentivised FITs.

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Developer Services

Solar PV systems are becoming increasingly specified for installation on housing development projects. By installing solar PV, a reliable and renewable electricity source is provided, allowing the homeowner to benefit from lower electricity bills, and purchase a home that has been built with environmental concerns front of mind.

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Public Sector Services

Public buildings are now able to benefit from the FITs as well as private home owners, which means that businesses and public sector organisations can also receive financial incentives for generating their own electricity through installing Solar PV. Solar PV panels can be fitted to almost any building or structure and be mounted on the roof or the ground.

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Agriculture Services

Solar PV can offer a considerable annual saving on your electricity bills whilst protecting your business against rising costs in the future. A second income stream can also be produced, with inflation linked returns. Solar panels give you the ability to produce your own electricity during daylight hours, which is when the demand is often high, and also make the most of buildings or areas of land that are hard to farm, also increasing their value.

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Battery Storage Services

Tesla PowerWall 2 home batteries maximise the potential of your solar panels and now with new electricity tariffs that are cheaper at different times of the day, the battery lets you charge your battery overnight during the winter months and discharge during the day. Therefore making the best use of your Powerwall 365 days a year.

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