Is it the same all over the world?

There is no doubt air pollution sources are the same all over the world. Commercial, institutional, household, transportation, there are many sources but they all exist almost everywhere.

However, some countries have imposed limits on harmful emissions and, unsurprisingly, these are the countries that are causing less damage.

The sources of main air pollutants are more or less the same in all parts of the world.

As we all know, one of the biggest problems is burning fossil fuels which are often burned to produce heat and electricity. Using coal for these purposes causes so much air pollution that most EU countries are already working on coal phase-out, with plans to ban it entirely in 20 years at the latest.

As we slip into the colder months, you’ll find yourself reaching for the heating and staying in more to watch TV, even using the lights more because its darker. While darker, colder nights in are inevitable, try to be mindful!

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