The Little Green Energy Company has applied to enter the electricity market in Guernsey.

If the application to the Guernsey Competition & Regulatory Authority is successful, islanders will be able to generate electricity from solar panels on their homes and businesses installed free of charge. They will then buy the renewable generated electricity from The Little Green Energy Company.

‘Islanders are becoming very aware now of how important caring for the environment is, and of the importance of green and energy-efficient products and systems. Locally generated renewable energy is essential for a sustainable, green future for our islands,’ said Bob Beebe, CEO of The Little Green Energy Company.

‘Consumers want choice, and we are able to provide it through our access to the latest renewable technology.’

The Little Green Energy Company has supplied and/or installed over one megawatt of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems across the Bailiwick over the last eight years. Additionally, more than 500 kWh of battery storage systems have been supplied and installed. These systems can be used to store renewable electricity generated by the sun during daylight hours that can be released at peak times and through the night. They can also be used to charge electric vehicles and bicycles.

‘By using innovative measures to improve energy consumption, and by providing electricity generation through renewable resources, the solar PV and Tesla Powerwall battery systems we install are environmentally good news for our island,’ said Mr Beebe.

‘Our generation licence application is key to our business development. It enables us to facilitate the benefits of increased choice for consumers across the energy market and for customers to enjoy the benefits of the latest renewable technology, continuing to push innovation forward in the energy sector.’

The Little Green Energy Company worked with the States Environment & Infrastructure Department as part of the Energy Forum during the consultation phase over the last two years. The company contributed to the development of the Guernsey Energy Policy, which the States approved last year, which includes a set of key milestones as part of the journey towards decarbonisation.