Renewable Energy Products for Businesses

Investing in solar panels and other renewable technologies is a great way to not reduce your carbon footprint, but also increase profitability and reputation of your businesses. With volatility and escalating costs in the energy market, and the pressure to balance out the energy model for commercial buildings it is forcing owners to look at ways to decrease their energy consumption, and reduce their carbon footprint. Throughout the world, consumer demand for environmentally friendly organisations is on the rise. Companies are expected to manage their carbon footprint and actively show they are working towards a sustainable future.
With energy costs spiralling incorporating renewables into your business can also make financial sense.

Key Benefits:

  • Significantly reduce business overheads and increase your bottom line with up to 100% savings on daytime electricity costs.
  • Energy Security: pre-purchase energy today at a fixed unit cost & protect your business against future increases in utility prices and power outages.
  • Reduce on-site grid energy used and reliance on the grid.
  • ‘Load shift’ energy away from peak times.
  • Lower your carbon footprint: increase sustainability credentials & improve your reputation.
Not sure what’s right for you.
Leave that to us. One of our team will analyse your energy usage and produce an energy report showing how each technology can benefit your business. We will then present this to you and discuss the way forward.
Solar PV
Battery Storage
Solar Carports
EV Charging
LED Lighting

Choosing The Right Partner

When undertaking a project that will have long term benefits to your business it is important to work with someone you can trust. Here at TLGEC, we have been helping businesses achieve their goals using a wide range of technologies. Rest assured we will be able to advise you on the best solution to meet your needs.


TLGEC have financing options available to help companies avoid the initial capital expenditure. Subject to approval our packages provide savings and revenue from the day the system is commissioned with minimal installation down-time allowing you to get on with your business focus.

Find more information on the technologies we install, to discuss an installation or book a FREE survey please contact us.