Could the lights go out in Sark?

On Sark there are no cars. No streetlights either. And at the end of the week they could have no electricity too!

Sark was named the first ‘dark sky’ island in 2011 because of the lack of light pollution, but those skies could be getting even darker for the 500 or so residents of the island. They’ve only had island wide electricity since 1940 and are currently paying the island’s supplier Sark Electricity Limited 66p/kWh. However an independent commissioner has ruled that islanders on Sark are paying too much and have ordered Sark Electricity to lower their tariff to 52p/kWh.

Sark Electricity currently imports their diesel by ferry and said with the current high prices on fuel, if the cut takes place, they will lose around £20,000 per month, and so they have no option but to ‘pull the plug’ at the end of November.

So what’s the solution? Torches to see, log fires to keep warm, stoves to cook on?

This is where renewable systems from TLGEC come in. With affordable Solar PV systems which generate electricity all year round, even in cloudy skies, to battery storage with the Tesla Powerwall2 to store that excess energy generated, you’ll never be facing the threat of your energy provider ‘pulling the plug’ on your supply.

We have a history of installing hundreds of systems across the Channel Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Sark and Herm, designing systems that not only performs well but has warranties you can trust, giving you peace of mind for the lifetime of your system. TLGEC offers free all-inclusive quotes and we have a range of attractive finance options so Solar PV isn’t out of reach for anyone.

The only dark skies you see should be at your control, not from someone else pulling the plug.

Contact us today, to discuss how we can help you build your own electricity producing solution, include Off-Grid, Solar PV and Battery Storage.