EV Charging, or Electric Vehicle Charging, with The Little Green Energy Company

EV is a new technology with very few installers currently trained in the proper way to install the charging points.

The Little Green Energy Company is proud to be a City & Guilds Certified EV Installer. We’ve been trained to correctly identify and install EV charging points with the safety of its users in mind. Please be aware that someone who’s not been trained in this may not be aware of the important safety considerations.

Important considerations need to be made when installing an EV charging station, such as:

  • Location – Somewhere it cannot be damaged or driven into.
  • Electrical Load on house – We need to consider the extra power the charging point will use. This needs to be checked with Guernsey Electric before install to make sure the cable coming into your house is big enough. We deal with all applications.
  • Space requirements – We need to look at the space available. We’ll install either an additional fuse in your current consumer unit (Fuse board) or a new consumer unit (Fuse board) to supply the charging point. We also need to look at the space you have to install the actual charging point itself.
  • Earthing requirements – The earthing of a house is a very important safety feature which reduces the risks of house users getting electric shocks. It is installed in every house. The same safety considerations need to apply to EV charging points but even more so as we’re dealing with different types of electric. Some houses already have the required earthing installed, and some need different earthing installed by your EV installer.
  • Safety – Each EV install also requires additional protection against the DC voltages which come from the battery in the car, only in case of a fault with the car. We install protection against this as standard with each of our installs.
  • Aesthetics – With any equipment you install you can get quality looking & robust equipment and you can get the cheaper looking not so robust equipment. Little Green always go with quality equipment which is made to last. Careful consideration is taken when choosing how to run cabling to each charging point.

No install is “standard” when dealing with EV charging points. All of the considerations above are going to make a difference to the overall cost of each install. This is why before each install we survey your property. We’ll give you bespoke pricing based on what we find at your home.

We look forward to installing an EV charging point for you soon.

Contact us today, to discuss how we can help you build your own electricity producing solution, including Off-Grid, Solar PV and Battery Storage along with EV Charging.