EV Charging is on the rise!

The Little Green Energy Company Guernsey are proud to be providing Guernsey, and the Channel Islands with high quality EV Charging.

We have been bringing power to electric vehicles in the Channel Islands, since the increase in demand over recent years. Due to this increase we have been installing more and more EV Charging points than ever before, particularly as the government is beginning to phase out typical diesel/petrol engines and the public’s awareness and understanding is growing.

We work together with top leading manufacturers, along with our team who have a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise helping you find the right solution, and answer your EV questions. This means for Domestic EV, Commercial EV, Developer/New Build EV and Public Sector EV, Little Green are your go to installers in the Channel Islands.

Contact us today, to discuss how we can help you build your own electricity producing solution, include Off-Grid, Solar PV and Battery Storage.