Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging

Bringing power to our electric vehicles in the Channel Islands.

With a growing number of electric cars hitting the streets and the Government announcing the phasing out of the typical diesel/petrol engines, there is a growing demand for EV charging points to be fitted.

At TLGEC we offer a comprehensive range of charging solutions for domestic, commercial, new build and public applications.

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Domestic EV

Our basic no-nonsense chargers come with no software, just plug in & instantly get a charge.

Commercial EV

Our chargers are ideal for charging-up at work. Plug & play or intelligent, we’ll help you decide.

Developer / New Build EV

If your development has a need for EV chargers be it home or public use, we can help. More info.

Public Sector EV

Growth of electric vehicles has brought increased need for public charging points. More info.