The majority of commercial premises in the UK are suitable for solar PV, and there are three factors that affect the suitability and efficiency of a solar PV system;

The direction your roof faces – Ideally the roof will be facing south, so that the maximum amount of sunlight is captured. However, due to the general low pitch of commercial buildings, East-West splits are becoming more popular spreading the generation throughout the day.

The angle of your roof – The ideal pitch for a solar panel in the UK is 30 degrees, as this increases the amount of sunlight captured, and will generate more energy. However, again, if going for an East-West split, a shallower pitch is better.

Shading from the surroundings – If there is shading from overhanging trees, buildings, chimneys or vents that block the sunlight, this will reduce the amount of electricity that can be generated by the solar panels.

So in summary the perfect roof would be South facing at 30 degrees pitch with little or no shading.  However, a well designed solar array will still work efficiently from West to East, horizontal to vertical.  If the roof is not suitable then we may be able to look at putting a floor standing Ground Mounted system outside.  If in doubt, call us and we will be able to give you a more accurate analysis for your roof.