Annual Investment Allowance

The AIA was introduced by the Government in 2008 with the intention of driving business growth.

The scheme is a capital allowance incentive allowing your company to invest up to £200,000 in plant or machinery by the end of 2016 with the benefit of 100% corporation tax relief.

AIA and Sustainable solutions

By purchasing your solar PV or renewable energy system through your AIA, a business (that pays 20% corporation tax) can turn an otherwise unused roof space into an asset and offset up to £40,000 in tax on large investments in the first year.

For example an eligible company purchasing a renewable energy system at a cost of £300,000 would be able to off-set £60,000 of the cost against pre-tax profits (assuming the company paid 20% corporation tax).

How to enquire about the AIA

For more information on how your company can take advantage of the AIA, contact us and speak to the commercial sales department.

Alternatively you can find more information on the Government’s annual investment page.