Guernsey Gas Prices on the rise?

The utility company blame inflation and lower demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has put additional pressures on their fixed costs.

Gas prices in Guernsey will go up by about £40 a year this Autumn. Guernsey Gas says bills will rise by 4.7% from 1 October.

As we all know, gases are far more harmful to the environment so if gas prices are one the rise, that means so is global warming. If you are looking to make a change, why not change to something like solar power as it saves money and the environment!

We are starting to see the effects of global warming now and they will just keep getting worse if we don’t start making conscious decisions about our power usage and sources!

Gas prices rising is the perfect opportunity to make the leap!

Whilst the government struggles to get energy prices under control, it’s time to take control yourself.