Guernsey’s Largest Solar Energy Scheme Installed!

The Little Green Energy Company have just installed 309 roof mounted solar panels with Guernsey Electricity Limited on the power station, Northside, Vale, creating the largest solar array in the Channel Islands, generating over 100kWp of power.

The SunPower panels and SolarEdge inverters were supplied and fitted by The Little Green Energy Company and have already been generating renewable energy. In the first 50 days the installation has already generated enough energy to provide either seven average homes with heat, light and power for a whole year or the ability to drive for 100,000 miles in an electric vehicle.

Guernsey Electricity has been providing electricity on the Island of Guernsey since 1898 and their latest venture alongside TLGEC Guernsey is just one of many initiatives to improve the energy security on the island. As Guernsey Electricity continues to strategically consider how advances in technology can benefit the island, the solar array was also an opportunity for them to see the real-world impact of renewable energy and plan accordingly. They are the only electricity network provider on the island, also serving Alderney and Sark.

The system is the largest to be installed to date in the Channel Islands and has received incredible support throughout the islands, helping to raise interest in Solar.

It is also a great example of a commercial system taking advantage of the best components available, using SunPower’s 327W module and SolarEdge Inverters and Optimisers.
Guernsey is fortunate to have the highest irradiance in the UK, being furthest South in the Channel. The job was installed using local installers and took just over a week to complete.

Designed by The Little Green Energy Company the system is made up of:

• 309 SunPower Solar Panels
• 4 SolarEdge Inverters
• 156 SolarEdge Optimisers, and
• Over 600m of Aluminium Rail

The 101.04kWp system will generate 119,573kWh per year. All this will go directly into Guernseys energy mix and be used to supply the island alongside the cable from France. This will also help reduce the amount diesel generators have to be used. Although a small input into Guernsey’s energy mix, it is a step in the right direction with more projects hopefully planned for the future.

Guernsey Electricity Installation Video

Timelapse Video

“Our own commercial installation team working with The Little Green Energy Company was a great success. We had the right team, with the right skills, to deliver the work to a tight deadline.”

Vince Smith, Head of Energy Solutions, Guernsey Electricity

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