A sustainable green energy choice has been secured for islanders after the Guernsey Competition & Regulatory Authority agreed to allow competition within the local electricity market.

The Little Green Energy Company was today given the go ahead to generate and supply power to local homes and businesses through the use of solar panels. Islanders will then buy the renewable generated electricity from The Little Green Energy Company.

‘This is a significant milestone for our growing renewable energy business, but more importantly it is the island’s environment that will benefit most. We look forward to contributing to providing greater energy independence for our island, bringing a sustainable green energy choice to our customers and giving the opportunity for islanders to join us in our energy transition journey,’ said CEO of The Little Green Energy Company, Bob Beebe.

The Little Green Energy Company has been operating in the Bailiwick for eight years and has supplied and/or installed over one megawatt of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems across the Bailiwick. Additionally, more than 500 kWh of battery storage systems have been supplied and installed. These systems can be used to store renewable electricity generated by the sun during daylight hours that can be released at peak times and through the night. They can also be used to charge electric vehicles and bicycles.

‘We know just how passionately islanders feel about the local environment and the sustainability of our Guernsey home. Islanders are very interested in environmentally friendly options when it comes to their consumption of energy,’ added Mr Beebe.

‘I wish to thank everyone at The Little Green Energy Company for their hard work on the licence application process and to all our existing and future customers for their support.’

The announcement can be read here