Are these the coolest cows in Guernsey?

Meadow Court Farm is a 700 vergee farm run by the Watts family, who have a real commitment to producing quality produce in the heart of the Guernsey. With a 156 strong herd of the world-renowned Guernsey cows the main production is milk and cheese.

The recent heatwave meant cattle at Meadow Court Farm stayed outside as it was too hot for them to rest in the barn as they were “struggling” with the heat, said farm manager James Watts.

As a result James approached The Little Green Energy Company to install 3 large fans to keep the cattle cool. We were more than happy to help out and take on this custom job.

The cows now enjoy a cooler environment and really relish the wind shield the large fans create. The more cows lie down the healthier their feet will be, and the cool atmosphere really encourages this.

Video courtesy of BBC Guernsey.

The fans have really helped provide a wind shield to cool the cows down. The cows weren’t as happy to come into the barn until The Little Green Energy Company installed these fans.

James Watts, Meadow Court Farm

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