Solar PV In The Heart Of St Peter Port, Guernsey

The Little Green Energy Company has just completed the largest commercial Solar PV install in St Peter Port, Guernsey. Moores Hotel were keen to harness the opportunity of a large flat roof with long solar hours, to contribute to the energy consumption of their hotel and restaurant.

Working closely with the team at Moores Hotel, The Little Green Energy Company set up a plan for SunPower panels to be installed in two grid formations, connected up to SolarEdge inverters. This resulted in a total install of 53 panels over 3 days, providing enough solar energy to power half the restaurant’s daily usage.

Jamie Clark, the Managing Director of Little Green Energy Company said “It’s been a great project to be involved in and to execute, as we are blessed locally with great solar exposure, and the layout of the Moores roofing leant itself perfectly to capitalise on this.”

With the system now live, Moores Hotel are already starting to see a return on their investment.

With energy prices rising, especially in the Commercial Sector, it’s time to take control yourself.

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