Take Control of Your Own Energy Supply


Living on an island means you’re always beholden to someone else for your energy supply – right?

Look at the price increases Guernsey Electricity are proposing to counter the downtime in the link to Jersey. Guernsey Electricity predict an average monthly cost of £1.5million when 100% of power generation is done on-island. In 2012 it had to do this for 5 months and the cost to the end user increased by 9%. The link with Jersey has been out since October last year.

In Sark, negotiations are still ongoing for Chief Pleas to purchase Sark Electricity after a deadline day deal was struck in November preventing the power being turned off. This was as a result of an independent commissioner ruling that islanders on Sark are paying too much for their supply and ordered Sark Electricity to lower their tariff to 52p/kWh. Sark Electricity currently imports their diesel by ferry and said with the current prices on fuel, if the cut takes place, they will lose around £20,000 per month. Just this week Sark Electricity were forced to publicly announce that rates would be staying put during the sale process following an announcement by the Sark Electricity Pricing Control Commissioner.

So what’s the solution then if you don’t want to keep paying more? The good news is, here at The Little Green Energy Company we have years of experience in renewable energy solutions, and so we can work with you to find the perfect set-up for you and your home. From Solar PV, battery storage with Tesla Powerwall 2 to EV (electric vehicle) charging solutions we’ve worked with many individuals and businesses locally and in the UK to implement energy efficient and cost effective alternatives and additions to traditional energy supplies.


Whilst the energy companies struggle to get energy prices under control, it’s time to take control yourself.


Contact us today, to discuss how we can help you build your own electricity producing solution, include Off-Grid, Solar PV and Battery Storage.