The Ouarzazate power project.

Replacing fossil fuels, the top cause of air pollution, with renewable energy such as solar, geothermal, or wave energy can save the planet.

Morocco, after relying heavily on fossil fuels, is now home to the largest solar farm, Ouarzazate. Built on an area of more than 3,0000 hectares in area, it produces enough electricity to power a city size of Prague and by 2050 can be an energy exporter.

Situated at the gateway to the Sahara Desert, the whole complex provides 580 megawatts saving the planet from over 760,000 tones of carbon emissions. Unlike conventional solar panels, the curved mirrors at Ouarzazate concentrate radiation to heat tubes of fluid which are pumped to a power unit. The unit holds the energy for use at a later time, specifically at night when demand is greater.

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