Solar Panels and Covid-19

Covid-19 has ruined many things such as people’s holidays, summers and last year of school. Similarly, it has had a very dramatic effect on solar panels. The shutdown has led to an increase in solar power output!

As the virus brought the whole world to a standstill, the pollution output has almost ground to a halt. With Covid leaving people unable to travel abroad or even to work, people around the world started noticing clearer skies which have has a measurable impact on the output from solar photovoltaic panels!

When the pandemic lead to the sudden cessation of normal activities, a string of extraordinary conditions was triggered. This, combined with high-quality air-pollution data from Delhi, one of the world’s smoggiest cities, afforded the opportunity to harness data from an unprecedented, unplanned natural experiment.

Whilst the pollution levels in places such as Guernsey, the UK and Europe aren’t as high as in India, you can still see the effects. The data collected has shown how much more efficient we can be without burning fossil fuels!

As we ‘return to normal’, perhaps we should consider what it is we are really going back to.


Whilst the government struggles to get energy prices under control, especially in the Commercial Sector, it’s time to take control yourself.

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