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Domestic Solar PV Specialists

100’s of Solar Installations across the Channel Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Sark & Herm.

When selecting a company to install your solar installation, it is important to choose one you can trust. At Little Green Energy, we have a wealth of experience, installing to the highest possible standards, using the very best products available on the market.

During the past 5 years, we have installed solar solutions to hundreds of residential customers across the Channel Islands. In addition, we have worked with a wide variety of commercial clients and have supported a vast number of developers, to provide Solar PV installations on new build housing

Choosing The Right Solar PV Panels & Manufacturer

Care should be taken when choosing a panel as there can be considerable differences in what each one can offer.

Not just on output but also on the build quality and warranties available.

If you have a panel manufacturer in mind please let us know.

Every project is different and with our in-house experienced designer, we can ensure you will get a system that is right for you.

SunPower Solar PV Panels

TLGEC prides itself as a technical company sourcing the best possible components for your PV system. The quality and reliability of solar panels vary greatly in the market.

We conduct extensive research into which panel manufactures we use, inspecting not only their technical specification but also the product warranty and stability of the company itself. Most consumers only decide to buy a photovoltaic system once in their lives. That’s why it’s all about buying panels that are robust and feature state-of-the-art technology.

As one of the world’s most innovative and sustainable energy companies, SunPower provides a diverse group of customers with some of the best panels in the world.

Residential customers, businesses, governments, schools and utilities around the globe rely on SunPower’s more than 30 years of proven experience. From the first flip of the switch, SunPower delivers maximum value and superb performance throughout the long life of every solar system.

There are many brands of solar panel now available. We can source any panels on the market and can also show you comparisons between the brands.

SunPower Benefits at a glance:

  • Outperforms, Outlasts, Outshines
  • SunPower® solar panels make more power for more savings now and in the future when your energy needs will grow
  • Lower your electric bill with the highest efficiency solar panels available
  • More Powerful, More Durable, More Attractive
  • Big Power from Small Spaces
  • SunPower® solar panels make more power for more savings
  • SunPower offers the best Combined Power and Product Warranty
  • Seeing the future of energy takes a unique perspective
  • Reduce your electric bill, not your kerb appeal
  • More Powerful, More Durable, More Attractive

Thanks Very Much for an excellent Job.

Clean, Tidy and Efficient – I can’t recommend you more, faultless.

Joel Collier, PV Customer, Guernsey

And When the Sun Goes Down

If you are considering a Solar PV system you might also look at our storage solutions on offer as purchasing together offers significant savings.

A Tesla Powerwall will allow you to store any excess energy generated by the solar PV for use later in the day when the sun goes down.

For more information please see our Tesla Powerwall page.