Maximise the Energy Potential of Your Solar Panels with TESLA Battery Storage for Homes & Small Businesses. Certified installers of Tesla in Guernsey and Jersey

Tesla Powerwall 2 from the Little Green Energy Company
Tesla Power Wall Certified Installer

Why Choose Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall 2 has over twice the storage capacity of its predecessor. PowerWall 2 battery storage system maximises the potential of your solar panels, and now with new electricity tariffs that are cheaper at different times of the day, the battery lets you charge your battery overnight during ‘off peak’ times in the winter months and discharge during the day. The Little Green Energy Company are certified installer of Tesla in Guernsey.

This allows Powerwall 2 to be used 365 days a year. Tesla PowerWall 2 comprises of 13.5kWh of usable storage in a lithium-ion battery pack, which can power an average 2-bed home for a whole day. Compact, stackable and with an integrated inverter, liquid thermal control system, and software that intelligently dispatches electricity when it’s needed most.

Installation is simple, the unit mounts seamlessly on a wall or on the ground, indoors or outdoors, and is connected to the grid to export excess energy, maximizing your opportunity for economic benefit. Powerwall 2 also offers a variety of backup supply solutions in the event you have a power cut. This includes using your Solar PV or other renewables when in off-grid mode.

In total 10 PowerWall 2 can be linked together to offer a massive 120 kWh of battery storage, ideal for larger homes or commercial application. 3 phase solutions are also available.

Certified installer of Tesla in Guernsey.

Installing Powerwall 2 with The Little Green Energy Company is easy. We take care of everything from system design, Local Electricity provider applications, installation and commissioning, and can also offer financing options.

Solar Self Consumption icon

Increase self-consumption of solar power generation: Powerwall can store surplus solar energy during daylight hours and use that energy later in the evening when the sun is not shining.

Grid Independence Icon

Load shifting: Powerwall can charge during low rate periods when demand for electricity is lower and discharge during more expensive rate periods when electricity demand is higher.

Back Up icon

* Back-up power: In the event of a grid outage or failure, Powerwall can power your entire home or select appliances with an uninterrupted supply of electricity. When installed along with solar panels, Powerwall will allow your home to use solar-generated electricity during a utility outage.

* Powerwall Back-up version is due for release Q3 2018.  There will also be an extra hardware requirement.  More information coming soon.

A complete home energy solution

Powerwall’s lithium ion battery inherits Tesla’s proven automotive battery technology to power your home safely and economically. An integrated inverter reduces external components, which simplifies and lowers installation costs. Powerwall is a completely automated system that requires no maintenance.

Always Connected Icon

Always Connected

Monitor your solar use in real-time and receive alerts when Powerwall is preparing for severe weather.

Touch Safe Icon


Many batteries have live wires and hot bulky parts. Powerwall is compact and touch safe for the entire family.

Long Life Icon

Long Life

Powerwall is the only home battery with liquid cooling controls, maximizing battery life and safety.

Affordable Icon


Powerwall economically meets the daily energy needs of most homes at one of the lowest cost per kWh.

Weather Proof icon

Weather Proof

Powerwall is water resistant, can be installed indoors or outdoors, and operates between –20 C to 50 C.

Flexible Installation icon

Flexible Installation

Powerwall can be a wall-mounted or floor-mounted. Up to ten Powerwall units can be stacked and connected.

How Battery Storage works…

A Powerwall can be installed alongside any new or existing Solar PV installation or on its own to take advantage of Load Shifting.

A typical installation with solar includes solar panels and an inverter for converting the DC energy generated by the panels into AC.

A Powerwall battery system and Tesla Gateway with current sensors which controls the battery and tells it when to charge and discharge. In backup applications, a secondary circuit may be required that powers key appliances. The components you require will depend on how you use your home battery.

Powerwall 2 Capacity

Each Powerwall has a 13.5kWh energy storage capacity, sufficient to power most homes during the evening using electricity generated by solar panels during the day. Multiple batteries may be installed together for homes with greater energy needs.

Technical Specs

13.5 kWh

Up to 10 Powerwalls

Depth of Discharge:

Operating Temperature:
-20°C to 50°C

Round Trip Efficiency:

Dimensions: (LxWxH)
1150 mm x 755 mm x 155 mm

7kW peak / 5kW continuous

Floor or wall mountedIndoor or outdoor

140 KG

Supported Applications:
Solar self-consumption
Time of use load shifting
Off grid

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