Backup your power with Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla has launched the ability to use Powerwall 2 for backup power through its new Gateway 2 hardware. The Backup Gateway 2 looks like a small Powerwall 2 and acts as a motoring and energy management system for the home battery pack.

Powerwall 2 customers with the new Backup Gateway 2 will now be able to keep the lights on in the event of a power outage. The system will detect the outage and disconnect the home electrical system from the utility in order to restore power to the home. On top of the backup capability, Tesla says that the new Backup Gateway has faster connectivity and a stronger connection providing reliable, real-time insights into your power usage.

Homes and small businesses with solar installed will benefit the most from Powerwall. A traditional solar system will shut down during an outage to prevent any power from going back into the grid. However, Tesla’s new tech manages the grid connection and allows solar to continue operating during an outage.

Powerwall also stores energy for use on a daily basis. It can smartly charge and discharge based on the time and price of energy to reduce energy bills.

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