654 x 327w Sunpower Solar Panels installed over 2 roof spaces

This summer found The Little Green Energy company involved in the largest Solar PV install in the Channel Islands for the 2nd time in 2 years! Following on from last year’s (at the time) record breaking install on Guernsey Electricity’s roof, this time there was 654 panels to install at Guernsey Post.

The mammoth install is generating approximately 217,000Kwh per annum, which is equivalent to the electricity required to power Guernsey Post’s electric vans, with some energy to spare!

Over the course of 10 days, a team of 8 experts from The Little Green Energy Company worked tirelessly to install the 654 Sunpower panels, and the Solaredge inverter system. The Solaredge Inverter system is the most advanced solar inverter system with the safest DC connection system on the planet!

The whole roof top array, spread over 2 roof spaces was designed in-house by the Little Green Energy Company’s design team.

Technical Director at The Little Green Energy Company, Jamie Clark, had this to say:
“Following our install last year at Guernsey Electricity, The Little Green Energy Company has shown it’s expertise in dealing with large scale commercial solar PV installs along with our thriving domestic installations. We are very proud to have been involved in this Channel Islands record breaking project at Guernsey Post, and are thrilled to see more companies embracing renewable technology.”

Video Timelapse of one side of the install

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