Consumer Electronics Show 2019

Every year in January, the big tech companies in the world gather in Las Vegas as CES to showcase to the world their latest products, developments and visions for the future, and this year was no different.

With everything there from gaming, televisions, smart wearables and personal devices, it was the Electric Cars and their development which caught our eye.

One such company was Nissan, who used CES to show their latest version of the Nissan Leaf e+ (Nissan Leaf Plus in the US and Canada). Their latest vehicle is a real competitor for the farthest travelling battery powered vehicle in the country. It will have a range of 226 miles, which is an improvement of about 40% on the base model, it’s also about 3x the range of the original model revealed nearly 10 years ago.

The Leaf e+ has roughly the same size and range as other electric cars, such as the Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Kona and Kia Niro. No pricing was released, but as an indicator, the base model starts in the US at $29,990.

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