The drive behind renewable energy is strong, however some of the most prosperous countries are hesitant to make the switch to 100% renewable energy.  The issues preventing many countries joining in the endeavour fall under these five categories:

  1. Financial

The most stubborn barrier is the cost of installation. Renewables are designed for simplicity, meaning solar panels and wind turbines are relatively easy and inexpensive to maintain, however the initial price of the equipment to power companies and homeowners is not insurmountable.

  1. Political

In the U.S., the political barrier to 100% renewable energy takes the form of a hugely influential oil industry. Misguided efforts to prop up the failing coal industry instead of increasing government investment and incentives in clean energy is halting the move to 100% renewable.

  1. Geographical

The countries that have had the most success pivoting to renewable energies have been of generally smaller stature. Meaning geographically diverse countries such as the United States to struggle.

  1. Storage

The lack of practical power storage solutions remains one of the most serious technological bottlenecks for solar power growth here and elsewhere.

5.     Misinformation

Solar panels can generate power even in areas that aren’t known for their overwhelmingly sunny dispositions. More overcast regions assume solar installations have nothing to offer because they’re not accustomed to year-round sunshine

Whilst the government struggles to get energy prices under control, especially in the Commercial Sector, it’s time to take control yourself.

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